Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Wednesday Things

Before I get on with it here is a video from last night to get you into the swing of things. All of you Canadians out there with no one to cheer for are now official Korea fans. Until they go out and you need to become some other team's fan.

Alright, there's really not all that much to get on with. This week is going along finely. There's some bad smell in my nose right now and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I should really cleam my apartment once in a while.

I have potentially big, huge news but I'm going to hold off on revealing it until it's definite. Like Dr. Laura says, "until there's a ring and a date..."

Here is a picture of Korea's number 4,506,304 fan. Ain't she a doll?

While we're at it, here is my class. They're such monsters most of the time but sometimes I love them a lot and feel happy. The last few days have been good so I'm feeling the love. Today Yoon cried and I picked him up - he's grown so much in a year! He used to be a featherweight. Insane. I now have five boys and three girls, and 3.5 of my boys are the uncontrollable variety (I mean worse than typical).

This weekend I'm probably going white water rafting. And maybe on a long walk. Oh, but monsoon season seems to have arrived and the rain has been hitting us hard every three or so days. It's a pain.

Scrubs doesn't seem to be on tonight like it's supposed to be so I guess I'll go read the book I'm reading which is "Power of One," the favourite childhood movie of my coworker.

I taught the concept of syllables to my oldest, smartest kids today. How many syllables is Merry Christmas? Korean syllables: me-lli-cuh-liss-uh-muss-uh. That's seven. No, no, no. Use English syllables: Merr-y Christ-mas. That's four, got it?

Oh, and it just hit me today that I'm going to Hong Kong in just over two weeks. Any advice about Hong Kong? (I'm lookin' at you, Seadragon.)


At June 15, 2006 8:21 a.m. , Blogger Rachel Lynn said...

I love the picture of that girl holding her flag up. She looks ready to take on the World Cup!


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