Thursday, June 08, 2006

So close to the weekend

Nothing's changed... I'm still number 325 on the waiting list, but they haven't updated since Tuesday. What's that about? I always waste time on Thursdays. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Geonju immediately after work so I'll be out of reach until Sunday. Maybe I'll have more than two junk emails waiting for me when I get back.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I went around my apartment finding more things to throw into what I hope wil be my last box. I was really into the idea of leaving it all behind in Korea and starting fresh back in Toronto but it seems like that idea has taken a turn. Now I'm not sure if it'll all fit.

I even went so far as to pack up my mouse before realizing how annoying it is to use the little mouse mechanism thing on my laptop. I plugged it back in after ten minutes. Though annoying, I did improve.

Why do I insist on torturing myself this way? The word of the week in Smile class is "relax."


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