Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday night and the air is getting hot

What an emotional moment I just had at the DVD bang. Now I know all about the 1950 war in Korea thanks to that cute actor whats-his-name.

Speaking of bugs, one of my unfortunate coworkers has contracted head lice. What's in store for me? Vomiting or lice?!?! Let's hope that it doesn't hit up everybody at my school. Unless it would result in a weeklong school closure...

Today I went to What the Book in Itaewon to sell off all my books. I wanted to lighten my load. Usually I hate to see books go but this is no time for pack-rattiness. So long to my phrasebook, Korean langague book, Korean-English dictionary, and Beijing guidebook, not to mention a bunch of fiction I brought or bought over the year. To my dismay, What the Book has a terrible used-book policy! With the forty dollar "value" of my used books I was only given a store credit to be used solely on used books in the store. What's the difference if I buy new with my credit? I was ticked but didn't feel like carting them all back to Suji. I chose some books that look interesting but I'll have to send them home and read them later because there's no time now. No time!

A woman was smiling strangely at us and we wondered why. Perhaps she is a secret reader of my blog, I thought. So? Are you? Or did I have something in my teeth.

It's been nice spending a weekend at home for a change.


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