Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dreaming some more

In my dream it was my last day of work and I said goodbye to my kids with little emotion. The new teacher was already stepping in and I think the most significant feeling I had was that of being rushed. The next thing I knew I was at the airport, finding out that my flight was not at 5:30 but 3:30 or something like that and D'Arcy wasn't even en route yet. Ahh. I took the bus back to Suji or called her or something to tell her the problem.

We were both standing at the ticket counter at 3:30, the time our flight was to depart, about to find out if we could board a later flight. Then it occurred to us that we were going traveling and did not actually want to head to Toronto. We inquired about flights leaving that day. "How much does it cost to go to Lima, Peru?" "$2000 USD" the English speaking white guy at the counter replied. "Okay, never mind, we'll buy two tickets to Hanoi please."

Then I realized that I had no credit card (as I haven't seen mine since Christmas in Bangkok) and all I had was an ATM card connected to my chequing account. "What??" croaked the ticket counter guy, "You're going traveling and you don't have a credit card? Are you crazy??"

I woke up and immediately activated a new credit card I've had sitting around since the summer.

The evening before this dream I emailed my travel agent for the second time to request flight information and quotes for the summer. Flight prices and everything in Korea are really weird - they don't actually come out with set prices/schedules until a few weeks before so all you can do is put your name on a reservation list. I also read a month old email from an old friend who is driving from Lima to Santiago sometime soon. That's cool.

My travel agent hasn't responded yet which is unlike him - he usually at least says "Please wait for me." I'm waiting, I'm waiting, but I can only wait so long.


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