Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Going around

We were supposed to go to the West coast tonight where there are beaches and islands and fishing villages but D'Arcy caught the bug.

What bug you ask? The bug that has hit Tara, Sara, and now D'Arcy in the last two weeks that has had them up in the middle of the night vomiting and away from school the following day. Oh no!

I am afraid of the bug because I hate vomiting.

I remember when Norwalk virus was going around. Too many people I knew were catching it and unable to choose which end to put to the toilet. One night I became paranoid and couldn't sleep, fearing the worst.

So far I'm fine and I'll try not to psych myself into having the flu. I'm sad we're not going to the beach. Oh, by the way, tomorrow is election day so we have no work. Luckily there's another day off next week for potential beach visitation. Or maybe I'll go tomorrow anyway. Or maybe I'll go somewhere else. So many possibilities in this life.

My flights for traveling are reserved and June has gone up on the calendar in the teacher's room. Does anyone know how I can send home my laptop safely and cheaply?


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