Wednesday, May 31, 2006


D'Arcy kicked that bug, or at least kept tapping it throughout the day so we were on our way this morning. After a slight confusion between Sincheon and Sinchon bus terminal, we eventually arrived in Ganghwa-do, a large island off the Western coast of the peninsula.

For those who ever go there, once you arrive in downtown Ganghwa it is still a forty minute bus ride to the beach.

While waiting for this annoying bus, we walked through the town and got a lot more stares, hellos, and people stopping on bicycles and in cars to look at us than we usually do. I used to think the school girls were cute but it's getting ridiculous. I still get a kick out of the old people though. "Nice to meet you!!!!" We haven't met. I've been told I'm beautiful so many times I'm starting to wonder what's going on here. Best one yet: today I was told I have sexy toes.

That sign says "Tourist Information." Ha.

Along these lines, the funniest is when people see us and practice what they would say to us or whatever English they know, forgetting that we can hear and understand their practice rounds. Who's with me?

Anyway, we got to the beach and the tide was more than a kilometer out. Apparently the West coast is famous for it's long tides. I didn't really expect to swim so it was fine, and I did enjoy walking along in the squelchy mud.

Then we took three buses and a subway home to Suji.

I like Wednesdays off.


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