Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's cold in Korea


I wonder if the cough I have is another cold coming on or a side-effect of yellow dust.

Last night I dreamt that my dad was coming to Korea and wanted to know if he could spend a day with me at school. This is funny because spending a day at school would probably be the last thing on my father's list of interesting things to do in Korea. A visit sure, but not a day. Little children?? Ugh.

I also had a dream that I was dating a Romanian. Strange, kind of.

I haven't had much going on lately and because of that I have very little to write about. What can I write about? What am I missing? Dear readers, what do you want to know?

School is not at all on my mind these days because there's nothing I haven't already thought about, at least until I have to select courses or make some other decision.

Despite my complaints about my kids, they're really pretty fine and each day is pretty fine and everything is pretty fine. That's dull. That doesn't provide for good writing material.

Everyday my cellphone alarm wakes me up at 8:00. D'Arcy, Sara, and I have been leaving for work at 8:54 every morning for the past nine months. It takes around twenty minutes to walk to school. School starts at 9:50. Back in the good ol' days I needed this half an hour for preparation but these days I don't. It's hard to break the habit of leaving at 8:54.

My cellphone charger broke so my alarm is down for the count. I am currently using the plastic Hello Kitty alarm clock that Jordana so thoughtfully gave me as a farewell gift. I'm sleeping in to 8:33 these days but I think it's a little too late.

On the plus side, sleeping in allows me to adhere to the urge of watching Sex and the City on "On Style" television network. It doesn't start until sometime around 11:30. It used to start closer to 11:00 so it wasn't so bad but these days it's pushing it.

I used to hate all four of the dumb characters on Sex and the City. They're all so unreal to me. But they're grown on me and I can't get enough. They only show commercials between shows, not throughout a show. I like that.

This post is reminiscent of emails I might write when I have lots of time and nothing much to say. Aren't you lucky. Speaking of which, hello friends. Email sometime, will ya?

Let's throw in a photo, shall we? This is me in my first week of life in Korea. I'm on my way to Seoul to buy my guitar that I won't play much until March. It was damn hot. Was I different then? I had to plan my lessons the night before to feel confident in the classroom. I had curly hair. I had strong morals. I thought bungee jumping and Sex and the City were moronic. (maybe I've changed for the worse.) My insides exploded every now and then when I thought about the 360 more days I had left to live here. Now I have 78. It's funny how I came here full of excitement for what was to come only to spend the entire time counting down until I can leave again. That's alright. It's been worth it.



At April 20, 2006 11:32 AM , Anonymous carina said...

It takes me at least an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready in the morning! Do you think that's normal? Your brother rolls out of bed and is ready in fifteen minutes! My new hair cut is higher maintenence, but still. And then I have the bad habit of watching fashion television and breakfast televsion in the morning.

I'm sending you some things in the mail today. I've been meaning to do it since we got back from Montreal, but now I'll really have to since I just told you I would.

At April 20, 2006 10:42 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

an hour and fifteen!??! Yikes! What time do you have to wake up in the morning?

Things in the mail! Yay!! You're too kind, I tell ya.

At April 20, 2006 11:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the smile? :)


At April 23, 2006 6:43 AM , Blogger Jessica said...

It's hiding. :)


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