Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a garbage heap

It's cherry blossom season in Asia, folks, and for a two week period you can head over to Youido Park to celebrate the wonders of nature. Or you can just look at a lot of the trees that are here and there.

It was the first truly mild day yet, meaning no jacket or sweater required. Even when the sun went down the temperature stayed up.

This is very, very good news.
Not all the blossoms were blossoming so we made do and entertained ourselves the same way the Koreans do - by taking pictures.

Many, many, MANY pictures.

That's okay, picture taking is what I do best. What? Enjoy the moment in itself? Nahh, save it on film for the hell of it!

What will I do with all the pictures I have taken over my time in Korea? There are thousands! I think I'll burn them to disc. I've been printing my favourites as I go along and putting it in on album, which is turning out quite well.

Don't you hate those albums full of many bad pictures? Why not put only a few nice ones in an album to save the mood of the person you force to look at your album. Who really likes looking at other people's albums? Anyone? Maybe I do. I forget.

I'm too tired to blog for real so I'll do it tomorrow. For now you can look at all the cherry blossom photos, or you can look at my videos since I've uploaded a couple new ones.


At April 14, 2006 10:03 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lookin gorgeous as ever... :)

At April 16, 2006 7:18 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Wow, thanks to you, whoever you are.

At April 17, 2006 8:02 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome... and I know you like to eat, but just please don't gain too much weight... stick with that exercise program..

At June 29, 2007 5:37 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Is it possible to use your photo for a report on waste I'm doing for the UN?

You can email me at - if we can use it we'd like to use your full name and the date.



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