Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hot peppers and tofu

The sky was dark like dusk all day long today and according to my students it was all thanks to the yellow dust. Turns out the rumour is true and yellow dust is a nasty thing that comes and goes leaving sickness in its path. Apparently the dust is so fine that masks are worthless and you should avoid going outside at all times. It's expected to have real effects on the health of people who live with it.

Today Yoon read a long sentence that was something like "Stems hold up leaves and flowers." He read it flawlessly and he couldn't speak a word of English in July. If he moved to Canada he'd probably be far ahead of all the other four year olds. Way to make me pround, my boy.

I have finally found out the truth about my favourite sauce. No, it's not gochujang. It's not duenjang either. It's samjang! That's the ticket! It's so very delicious. To think that it took me nearly ten months of investigation to uncover it. Today I bought it along with green hot peppers and tofu - who have I become? It's alright; hot peppers straight up are tasty.

I was writing report cards for my kindergarten students that are to be distributed next week, this month's end. Looks like I've already finished two of the four months that were left when the classes all changed in February. That just about blows my mind.

I'm excited for traveling. It'll come along in no time.


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