Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cheese, cheese, yummy, yummy, cheese

I just thoroughly cleaned up my entire apartment minus the kitchen. That was long overdue. I'm damn lucky I don't have an ant infestation like Sara or a 'roach infestation like Tara or I'd be in trouble. I might have to clean more than thrice annually!

This is what it looked like on my way home today. It is beautiful outside these days. Though there is a big yellow dust warning for tomorrow that has postponed Thursday's field trip to Friday. Where have I put my mask???

Here is my Tuesday night dinner. This is a very typical one for me; I tend to eat spaghetti at least once or twice a week. These days it's spruced up a bit because of a coworker's recent trip to Costco. She picked me up some cheese. Last week it was even better because I found rigatoni which I like so much better than spaghetti. The spirals really give it a certain umph that I realized is something I miss about Canada. Gimme those spiral noodles!!!

According to a friend who has been back in Canada for quite a few months now (and is due to give birth any day now!!), when you go home from Canada you pack on the pounds because everything tastes so good. Then again she's pregnant so what does she know? Her boyfriend gained 20 pounds though! Ay ya yaiy!

Yes, I buy storemade salads out of laziness and yes, I eat over the computer (but not right over, don't worry parents) and yes, I eat out of the pot. Why not eat out of the pot? It saves water...

The title of this post is a song one of my kids sings all the time. She wrote it herself. She's (in all seriousness) quite musically talented. I'll see if I can get a video of her in action.


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