Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Open Class

Yes, it went great. I'm a super star teacher. Everyone breath a sigh of relief.

Here's what happened.

First period was business as usual. The kids arrived, they were excited about their mummy's coming, but all was normal. The moms were set to arrive for second period. For the most part I never see the parents; they arrive by school bus and leave the same way, except for a few kids who get picked up. So it was the first time I've met a lot of their parents. Too bad the most I could say was hello. I don't know what extent of English they have but they didn't have too much time to chit chat. They came in and sat down and the class began.

I did pretty much exactly what I laid out below (which was written for the parents). The moms were sitting along the back row of the classroom and the kids were at their tables in front of them. They behaved like angels! Angels, I tell you! It was incredible.

They used English, they raised their hands to speak and weren't too shy that they didn't talk at all. They had fun while following the rules. They said thank you and please and they were fully alert. One mom had a video camera, which kind of cracked me up.

Every kid contributed in some way to the lesson, and no parents complained about one kid having a longer pencil than another... because I had brought in brand new pencils this morning.

Afterwards the director and his wife said that I did very well and all the mothers were happy. They all thanked Sang Kyu individually and they all want me to continue as the children's teacher in March (when they move up to the six year old class). Obviously I'm very pleased and relieved. I love my kids.

After work today the director and his wife took us on a field trip... to Costco! It looks pretty much exactly the same as it does at home besides the larger selection of kimchi. I got a few key items including feta cheese, marble cheese, laughing cow party pack cheese, peanut butter, Honey Nut Cheerios, and bagels. Alright! I was a little disappointed that they didn't have Kosher dills or Ruffles/Doritos/Lays. Can't win 'em all. The baked goods section and meat sections were pretty impressive, but their taste tests left something to be desired. I always enjoy a trip to Costco, at home or here.

A good day, it was. I feel like it should be Friday.


At December 06, 2005 12:23 p.m. , Anonymous seadragon said...

Congrats on a great class.

At December 06, 2005 12:35 p.m. , Blogger Randi said...

That's awesome Jess! I never had any doubts that you'd do great in your open class :)

At December 06, 2005 6:13 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Thanks guys.

It wasn't me I was worried about...


At December 06, 2005 8:39 p.m. , Anonymous steve said...


At December 07, 2005 2:32 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Kamsa hamnida


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