Monday, December 05, 2005

The plan

The class you will be observing is Language Arts. The purpose of this class is to introduce and familiarize the students with the English alphabet. We focus on letter recognition, sound production, vocabulary, and writing during each class.

Today we are studying the letter T. We will first discuss the letter and the sound it makes, and practice producing the sound. Then I will ask the class for a list of English words that begin with this sound. After collecting this list of words, we will practice producing these words. When everyone has had a chance to contribute and is familiar with the words, we will discuss and then complete a worksheet from the Scholatics Phonics K book. The paper and pencil helpers will distribute the materials and the children will practice both writing the letter and distinguishing “T” words from “non-T” words.

If time permits, each child will be given an opportunity to write the big and small letter T on the white board. We will then recite the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear for our parents. This is one of the children’s favorite books that they have become very familiar with.

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