Friday, December 23, 2005

I made it

I wasn't sure if I would but I did! I remember thinking that this holiday/trip was six months away, and then three months away. At the three month mark I thought "man, I have as much time to go until my holiday as I've already spent here - that's long!" and here I am. Amazing.

I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go with no real plans for the evening.

Oh, are you concerned that you won't hear from me for a week? Don't be. We all know I can't stay away from an internet connection for too long. I won't make any promises, just in case.

Santa came to school today and the kids got some great gifts. Except Ashley who got a classroom sized pencil sharpener. What a kid pleaser that is. I found out that today was her last day so when we return from the holidays I'll have a new girl who I met today and seems pretty good. At least she knows some English!

I'll leave you with another time delayed video. I hate that it's time delayed but I don't know how to fix the problem.


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