Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mario paiiint

This week I implemented a new table system. Instead of a table that takes up the entire classroom I split up the two halves and created a space for sitting. I'm happy with the arrangement. Now I can pit the two tables against each other and force the kids to keep themselves in line. So far so good. Here, take a look at my great paint skills.

The old layout:

The new layout:

So I got a little lazier on the second one. Both lack any indication of my true artistic talent. I'm sure you get the picture. Now there's a whole open space where we can sit and do activities together. I lub it.

D'Arcy and I bought a bicycle from our leaving coworker and it's fun to ride. I better watch out for maniac buses and delivery boys on a mission. Fret not, maman!


At October 05, 2005 9:46 p.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

Hey Jess..I think the new layout is lovely as are your design skills :) Glad to see you had fun times on the weekend c u soon!

At October 06, 2005 2:55 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Why thank you, shell cat. Can't wait for the weekend!


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