Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walking home...

Walking home from work in the cool September dusk, Sara and I noticed lights and music just up the road from our apartments where lights and music usually are not. We went to check it out.

The music was coming from a man dressed in drag, with what looked like smartie decorated balloons stuffed down his wifebeater. Interesting... he stopped his song and said something into the microphone to us. "Excuse me! blah blah blah!!!" We smiled and shrugged and kept walking while the audience laughed at our expense.

The lights were coming from rows and rows of little vendors set up along the roadway. Of course we had to sample. I miss the days in Israel when I could point at something in a market and say "mazeh??" with my sweetest smile to get that thing for free. Kind of backfired when we tried that with sabra and ended up with cactus needles embedded under our skin. Eh Wend? Sarah tried some dried thing but it looked too questionable for my taste. It turned out to be fishy and to take the taste away we bought what looked like Rice Crispie Squares. I had a feeling they wouldn't be quite the same. They were hard and sticky without the sweet delicious taste we know so well.

Then we came to a man selling pomegranate juice. He gave us a taste and it was cool and refreshing. Very delicious! But a free taste was enough for me.

On the way back we came across a stand that sold fabulous things so I bought myself one and couldn't be happier. I can't tell you what it is because I'll probably be sending them as gifts from now on. If you're dying to know maybe we can work something out. Maybe.

Then we bought some gogi mandu for two grand. It was doughier than the place we usually go to. I could really go for some fried mandu after the movie last night which features that variety. Haven't tried it fried yet. Next I had some saucy meat, most likely pork, on a stick. It was tender and melty and delicious.

Mmm... meat on a stick.


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