Friday, September 23, 2005


Went for a long over-due second swim at the YMCA yesterday. I was swimming continuously, dodging the others in the lane and wondering about the social norms I might be infringing on. At the wall I turned and glanced around to see if anyone was goggles on and ready to go before I pushed off. An older man in a grey swim cap gave me the OK thumb and forefinger signal and said "nice". "Thanks," I smiled, and away I went.

What, nice stroke? Nice endurance? Nice to see a foreign woman somewhere else besides the McDonald's line? Was he just trying to practice some English? Maybe he liked my almost new Speedo? I know his was looking fine.

Then I figured it out. It must have been my shockingly red swim cap that reads "YAP!" in zippy yellow print. Nice is right. You can pick it up at the 'pro-shop' upstairs for only nine grand, buddy.


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