Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yesterday was so much better than the day before! Every single period ran smoothly and my mood couldn't have been more reversed. Ahh, I can make it after all. Hopefully today keeps up with the trend.

I spoke to my mom for the first time since I got here and I realized how much I miss my family. Before I came I thought I would be tough and strong and nothing would bother me. But it looks like I have a heart.

When I got back to my aparment there were two huge boxes taking up my entire kitchen. My table had arrived! I'm using it as a TV stand and computer table. It's not like I eat things at home anyway, except granola bars. My coworkers and I went for galbi again yesterday. Mmm mmm. There's some red sauce that is so delicious. What could it be? It's not ketchup, though I'm sure I would like that too. Me and red sauces go hand in hand.

Yesterday was also my one week anniversary of arrival in Korea. So far so good. I've felt emotion, both good and bad, I've put myself in a new situation, and I've done a decent job, I think. All important things. I've also decreased my lesson planning time from three hours to ten minutes. Nice.

So, it's almost the weekend. Hip hip hooray! This may very well have been the longest week of my life.

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At July 07, 2005 8:31 p.m. , Blogger Christopher Olie's Dad said...

Just to let you know, I was with Mom when she called, in fact it was my suggestion.

Just thought you should know.

All is well here, still car shopping.

All my love,


At July 08, 2005 1:18 a.m. , Blogger Kiran said...

the red sauce was my favourite too, it's called gochu-jang...

you may see tarps lying on the sidewalk somewhere covered in bright red peppers drying in the sun and absorbing all the car exhaust...those peppers are made into that wonderful stuff called gochujang...

gochu-jang chuseyo....mashissoyo!

At July 08, 2005 4:59 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Mmm... I love exhaust!! Exhaust chuseyo!!


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