Sunday, July 03, 2005

Totally Bonzer

I like having my own apartment. It means I can walk around in my underwear and leave the bathroom door open. Sweet sweet privacy. So when my doorbell rang at about noon today I had to quickly find something to wear.

Who do you think it was? El director-o! I'm not sure why he came. I guess he feels bad that I haven't been shown around very much or something. But I'm perfectly happy sitting at home on my computer and working up the courage to go to a restaurant on my own. He came to invite me out to lunch. He also took a look at my cupboard because there is a broken piece in it that needs to be fixed. I showed him a few pictures of my family and he said Rick is handsome. Way to go Rick.

Even though I had just eaten some kimbap (and taken pictures of it which you can see on flickr) I agreed to go out with him. I just got back now, at 3:00.

That man likes to talk!! He told me all these personal things about his life; his psychological problems growing up, his career and education history, and that everyday he asks himself why he's doing the job that he does. Not such a good thing to tell the brand new teacher, you know? At least I was able to keep the conversation going this time without falling asleep at the table.

And you know where he took me? Outback Steakhouse.

On the drive home he asked whether I'd like to spend the day with him. I declined the invitation saying I needed to plan my lessons. I appreciate his interest but it's so different from any boss I'd have in Canada.


At July 03, 2005 8:45 a.m. , Blogger Margie said...

Outback Steakhouse??? You crossed the world to have Outback Steakhouse... that's kinda funny, to me at least, but... well... I'm strange.

At July 04, 2005 10:05 a.m. , Blogger TickToo said...

Jess loves those blooming onions. Was the menu mostly the same? Or did they serve way more cold appetizers, mostly made of cabbage?

At July 04, 2005 4:44 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

I know, how ridiculous is that?? It was pretty funny at least.

I didn't have a bloomin' onion, Rick!! I had already eating lunch, in fact, and I am trying to stick to healthy foods, so I just had an appetizer portion of grilled shrimp. My boss had a mountain of cheesey fries.

Lordy, you should see the ant that just walked by. AHhh!

At July 06, 2005 11:18 p.m. , Blogger JessicasMom said...

test only


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