Friday, July 22, 2005

We're on holiday!!

Ever see the movie "In America" where the Irish family sneaks into America to live and when crossing the border the little girl calls out "we're on holiday!!!"? I love that movie.

And I'm on holiday!!! But I'm sitting at the school waiting for my chatty director to get off the phone so I can get my plane ticket for Japan and half of my paycheque. Alright, my first payday! We're getting half before the holiday and half after. If he ever gets off the phone, that is.

I'm tired and just want to leave. Grr..

Today I had a new student come to visit and she didn't have an English name. When I asked her if there is a name she likes she had no response. I suggested a few and somehow we settled on Jenny. Why Jenny? I don't know.

Okay, time to go.


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