Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pleasure Cruise

I'm falling down on the job! I actually missed a day of posting. My deepest apologies, folks. Let's catch up.

On Friday night after a dinner of mandu, I went to the WA bar, the foreigner bar in Suji, sans D'Arcy as she was trying to recouperate from the jet lag. There I met a number of new people but walked home feeling kind of sad, wondering whether I'd meet anyone that I actually like and can talk to easily. I think for me meeting people is fairly polar. I have either nothing to say at all or conversation flows easily. Nobody knocked my socks off at the WA bar.

On Saturday D'Arcy and I went into Seoul to meet up with Shelly for lunch and some exploration. We had a tasty lunch of bibimbap in a stone bowl (D'Arcy had bulgogi) and enjoyed the air conditioned restaurant. Then we hit the street. The hot, sweaty, and blister inducing street. We were heading for a boat cruise along the Han river which seperates new and old Seoul, but lousy Lonely Planet directions made us walk two hours along a park trail with Koreans speeding past us on bicycles, rollerblades and scooters, many wearing high heels and tight jeans! Do Koreans sweat? I'm not so sure.

Pretty flowers.

Walking... walking...walking. We walked until the second bridge. I think. Or maybe it was the fifteenth bridge. There's no way to know.

We moaned and pouted our way to the boat, with a number of stops for less than helpful directions, and finally reached our destination. I thought it was worth the walk. The river had a nice breeze on it which helped to cool us off AND it allowed us to sit down. Two exceptional bonuses, I must say. I had some pretty prime photo ops too.



Our feet were dirty and blistery. Ouch.
Dirty feet

Under the bridge.
Where's the troll?

A little boy.

After our cruise ended we headed back to Itaewon (I know, I know, Itaewon) and ate dinner at Gecko's, a foreigner bar/pub. I didn't realize how much I missed Western food until I bit into my juicy chicken burger and crispy french fries. Mmm.


We sat around for a couple of hours watching people and pondering the hot Korean woman/pathetic foreigner man phenomenon. We also miss our moms.

Hi Heidi!
Hi Heidi

Hi Shelly's mom!
Hi Shelly's mom

Hi Mummy!
Hi mummy

We called it an early night and headed home on the 5500-2 at about 11:30. Buses and subways stop running here at around midnight. Crazy since people stay out all night.

Oh, while at the foreigner bar we saw a bunch of our coworkers by coincidence. Small country, this.


At July 16, 2005 9:19 p.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

Hey Jessica :) Yup I have MSN I'll e-mail you my hotmail address...are you're feet hurting today?? I don't think my feet have ever felt or looked so mangled!!

At July 17, 2005 4:16 a.m. , Blogger D'Arcy said...

my feet are just fine. well, apart from 5 new blisters, but heck, i'm strong.


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