Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No news today

I'm still waiting on the plane ticket (and confirmation of my departure date) and contract which were supposed to be sent today. They'll probably come tomorrow.

Today was my last observation in a settlement class. There were quite a few Koreans in the class who said that Suji is a new middle class city with very tall buildings. Maybe my apartment will be on the twenty-somethingth floor. That would be interesting.

Went out today and said goodbye to some friends. I've been excited since December about this but right now, five days or so before I leave, I feel strange. Perhaps slightly numb. The part that worries me is the teaching because I really have very little experience with children and teaching. I was a swim instructor and taught lots of little kids but that feels like a lifetime ago. TAing was hardly relevant experience. I'm not sure that I like children. Why the hell am I doing this, you might ask? There are reasons but I'm not perfectly sure what they are.


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