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This Agreement is made between , herein referred to as "Instructor", and KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute, herein referred to as "Employer", whose principle place of business is located on 2F, IT Plaza BD 257-2, SangHyun-Dong YongIn-city, Kyeong Ki Do, Korea.
Employer: KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute

Instructor Name:

Date of Birth:





Position: English Conversation Teacher (or Instructor)

Period of Employment: One year
(Upon mutual agreement, period of Employment may be extended to 2 years)
From to
Revised Dec 12/2004
Employer’s Initials Instructor’s Initial
I. In consideration of mutual promises and agreement herein contained, KID'S COLLEGE
Suji Language Institute (hereafter referred to as the " Employer" ) employs
(hereafter referred to as the " Instructor" ). The
Instructor agrees to work for the Employer under the following terms hereby agreed
on by both parties.

II. The services to be performed, by the Instructor shall be that of a conversational
English Language Instructor & curriculum Research Assistant.

III. The Instructor shall commence his/her employment on . The
employment shall continue to unless terminated sooner as provided
herein, and for such further period as provided for herein, subject to the following

A. If as a result of willful and wanton negligence, gross negligence or intoxication, the
Instructor damages facilities, materials or other property belonging to Employer; or
causes damage to the institute and/or the image of the Employer, the Instructor shall
assume pecuniary liability in accordance with Korean Law. Furthermore, if the Instructor
violates any of the covenants of this agreement, the Employer has the right to terminate
this agreement at the time of the violation without further compensation or responsibility
to the Instructor.

B. If the Instructor seeks release from this contract, he/she must do so in writing at
least forty-five (45) days prior to the requested date of termination. Extenuating
circumstances, which might require termination of employment without prior notice,
will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In some cases instructors who have
given proper notice may be released earlier than 45 days upon the arrival of their
replacement (after the standard orientation period of four working days).

C. In the event of the death or total incapacity for business of either party hereto, or
upon the Employer ceasing to carry on said business, or becoming bankrupt, this
contract shall terminate. In case of the sickness of the Instructor or other reasons
causing him/her from attending to his/her duties for 4 workdays (without phone call
or valid proof), the Employer may terminate this agreement.

D. The Employer may terminate this contract at any time because of the Employer's
dissatisfaction over, violation of instructions or rules of the Institute, or failure of
Instructor to comply with any one of the agreements contained herein.
Employer’s Initials Instructor’s Initial
E. The Employer may terminate this contract if the services rendered by Instructor are
not satisfactory to the Employer, and the Employer shall be the sole judge of such
satisfaction. Services considered include, though are not limited to, adequate class
preparation, adherence to stated school policy, the effective presentation of class
lessons and the ability to work professionally with other staff members and supervisors.

IV. The Employer agrees:

A. Compensation will be paid monthly by the Employer. Any errors in compensation
shall be reported by written notice within one week of receipt of compensation.

B. Instructor(s) will be paid 2,100,000 won per month for the following job description:

Full Time Research/Curriculum Development/Substitution Student Review and
Assessment Instructor

Duties for this full time position include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Substitute teaching:

You will be required to be available to substitute teach for all level classes on an as
needed basis(teacher illness, teacher fill-in, special events, etc.) for whatever duration
is required by the circumstance. This will involve closely following the lesson plan of
the absent teacher (or creating a lesson plan if the circumstance dictates) in order to
insure consistency and maintaining the level and quality of instruction

* Curriculum Research and Development:

This aspect of the job will involve closely working with the head teacher in the ongoing
project of shaping and refining our over all academic program. It will involve a great deal
of reading, research, consulting with instructors to determine strengths and weaknesses
of the curriculum and recommendations for changes based on that input.

It will also involve finding supplementary material for theme classes (visual aides, arts & crafts,
relevant language arts activities ---- basically anything related to the theme that can be
effectively used in the classroom)

* Direct in -class review and assessment of all class levels:

Employer’s Initials Instructor’s Initial
This will involve in-class teaching time in the amount of approximately 50-60 hours a
month for the purpose of making accurate and objective student
assessment --- measuring outcomes. There will also need to be follow-up work done
individually with each instructor for feedback and recommendations and reporting to the
head teacher and director on the results of this process.

Some of the tools for assessment and review will be generated with the head teacher, but
may also come from teacher recommendations based on material that has previously been

* Additional job Duties will Include:

1. Assisting with miscellaneous teacher requests that don't require the attention of
Korean staff
2. Assisting with participating in and planning, organization and documenting of all
special events for future reference
3. Assisting with placement testing of incoming students and ongoing placement of
students for the purpose of recommending level changes
4. Assisting with and conducting teacher observations and evaluations for peer review
and feedback
5. Possible assumption of a regular Elementary afternoon class for the commensurate
additional pay

* Work schedule

The regular teaching hours(excluded lunch hours and break time) will be 30 contract hours per week (approximately 120 hours a month) Monday through Friday. If the instructor’s monthly teaching hours exceed 120, he/she will be paid an overtime rate of 25,000won an hour.

C. Not withstanding section B if the Instructor misses his/her work, then a deduction
will be made to the salary according to the time the Instructor has missed.

D. Taxes : Taxes will be deducted from the employer’s income in accordance to Korean law. Monthly pay is taxed, and the taxes will be deducted as income tax and residence tax on a monthly basis.(30,000~40,000won)

E. Medical Insurance : The employer is required to subscribe to thee Medical Insurance plan. Medical insurance is split 50/50, 50% is paid by the employee(approx. 43,000). After 30 to 45 days in Korea, the Employer agrees to provide Instructor with medical insurance. This delay is caused by the processing time involved in obtaining Korean medical insurance. The Instructor will be responsible for the cost of his or her own medical treatment until insurance is issued. Dental and eye care coverage is not included. Furthermore, life insurance coverage is not included.
Employer’s Initials Instructor’s Initial

F. The Employer will assign classes based on teacher performance, professionalism
and attendance record. Assignment of classes and substitute teaching assignments
is the sole prerogative of the Employer and is necessary to the effective operation
of the institute. Acceptance of these assignments by Instructors is mandatory.

G. Summer camp & winter camp (scheduled from Monday to Saturday, one in January,
one in August): Summer camp and winter camp are held each once a year.
Every staff & teacher should attend the camp for the union & good team-work.
(Naturally, every meal is provided by the employer.)

H. The Employer agrees to provide the Instructor with a round-trip ticket to Korea.

I. At the successful completion of one-year contract, the Instructor will receive
severance pay. Severance pay will be equivalent to one month's salary.

J. The Employer agrees to provide three sick-leave days to Instructors each year. On
the first three days per year on which an Instructor misses work he or she will be
paid in full for that day, with the following conditions. The Instructor must notify his
or her supervisor either the night before the absence, or as early as possible on
the morning of the absence. The Instructor must also present a doctor's note to his
or her supervisor on the day on which he or she returns to work. Unused sick days
may not valid reason, his or her contract may be terminated.

K. Instructors, on occasion, request an emergency leave in order to attend to urgent
matters in their home country. Since there is no substitute Instructor available, the
extended absence of Instructors creates a serious a problem for this institute.
Additionally, when requests for leaves coincide with holidays observed by the Employer,
such as Christmas, the potential for abuse, in order to extend existing vacation days,
compounds the seriousness of the situation. Therefore, any Instructor requesting a
leave of absence during his or her contract will be subject to a 30 percent deduction
from the Instructor's severance pay. Should a leave request coincide with a holiday
on which KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute does not hold classes, the
percentage of this deduction will be raised to 50 percent.

Instructors will be given 2 weeks paid vacation during the period of this contract. One week will be given as summer vacation and one week will be given as winter vacation.
In addition, instructors will enjoy all Korean National holidays as days off.

L. The Employer will provide fully furnished housing for all instructors.
If, at the time the Instructor is hired by the Employer, all company apartments are
occupied the Instructor may either ask the Employer to provide on apartment or the
Instructor may arrange his or her own housing. Instructors who choose to provide

Employer’s initial Instructor’s initial

their own accommodations will be given a 300,000 won monthly housing allowance.
If, at the time the Instructor is hired by the Employer, company housing is available,
the Instructor is required to live in the company's apartment. Instructors living in
housing provided by the Employer will be required to pay a 400,000 won deposit
over the first two month of this contract to cover any possible future damage to
the apartment or unpaid bills left by the Instructor when the apartment is vacated.
The balance of the deposit will be returned after assessment has been made of
apartment damage and outstanding bills have been determined. In addition, an
Instructor may break the Housing Contract with one months' notice, but will remain
responsible for ½ of basic utilities until their old room is occupied by a new arrival.

M. Whenever possible, Instructors will be provided with an orientation period. This is
generally the Instructor's first 3-5 working days. during which the Instructor meets
with experienced Instructors, observes classes and becomes familiar with KID'S
COLLEGE Suji Language Institute teaching techniques and activities. On these
days, or for the period designated by the Employer as the training period, the
Instructor will be paid a training wage. This wage will be 7,000 won per class hour.
If circumstance dictates, Instructor will be paid 17,000 won per each 60minute hour
as determined by the sum total of class teaching minutes.

V. The Instructor agrees:

A. To teach any group assigned by the Employer and to participate in special activities
(such as over - nights 2 times per year, summer & winter camps, spring &fall picnics
and field trips 12 times per year)a required by the Employer.

B. To prepare for his/her classes on his/her own time. Class preparation and additional
Instructor responsibilities include researching and producing teaching materials, on
time submission of weekly lesson plans, monthly tracking reports, monthly progress
reports and attendance of quarterly, Monday morning teacher workshops and to
attend announced Teacher's Meetings. Failure to comply with the above on 3
occasions will subject Instructor to a 30 percent deduction from the Instructor's
severance pay. Three late submissions of any of these items will count as

C. To, at all times, follow the rules regulations set by the Employer and the Institute
director. To follow class schedules and activity schedules, to not dismiss, cancel
or begin classes late without the express consent of senior management. To submit
all progress reports, tracking reports, weekly lesson plans, or other requested work
on time. Instructors, who routinely fail to observe the rules of the institute will be
verbally notified by the supervisor, continued non-compliance would result in a

Employer’s initial Instructor’s initial

warning letter. Three warning letters in the period of one year will result in suspension
without pay, a reduction of teaching hours or termination.

D. To use the teaching materials supplied and recommended by the Employer. The
Instructor is encouraged to supplement these materials with other materials, but must
obtain prior approval from the Employer. All books, tools, craft supplies or other
materials issued by the Employer remain the property of the Employer and any must
be returned to KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute when no longer required
to conduct class.

E. To perform his/her duties in a professional manner and refrain from conduct which
could damage the reputation of the Institute, including, but not limited to: conducting
class while smoking or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drug: making sexual
advances entering into sexual relationship with students or employees of the Institute;
conducting any business or accepting any funds without the express written consent
of the Institute; and borrowing or lending of funds or selling of items to students.

F. To reimburse the full cost of airplane ticket to the Employer, if the contract is
terminated for any reason within 6 months from commencing date of his/her contract.

G. To reimburse half of the cost of airplane ticket to the Employer, if the contract is
terminated for any reason after 6 months but within 12 months from commencing
date of his/her contract.

* Private teaching outside of KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute is prohibited
without the written approval from the Employer. If the Instructor desires additional
employment, such interest shall be expressed in writing to Employer. Upon receipt
of such request, the Employer may, at its sole discretion, allow additional employment.
Any and all exceptions to this provision can and must be made by written consent
of the Employer.

*. Extremely short or revealing attire prohibited. Instructors are required to dress formally
for special events such as Graduation of Entrance Ceremonies. Male Instructors
shall wear a dress shirt, tie and slacks. Female Instructors shall wear dress, skirt or
slacks and an appropriate top.

* If the Instructor wishes to drive in Korea, an international driver's license is required.
The Instructor shall take full responsibility for any cost of acquiring a vehicle, the
maintenance of such vehicle, any insurance/fees of such vehicle, and shall hold the
Employer free from any harm and/or responsibility of and from such vehicle.

Employer’s initial Instructor’s initial
*. The Instructor accepts liability for any damages that arises out of the conduct of

The Instructor shall not at any time or in any manner, either directly of indirectly,
divulge or disclose to any person, firm or corporation in any manner whatsoever
any information concerning any matters affecting or relating to the business of the
Employer, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any of its
customers the prices it obtains or has obtained from the sale of, or at which it
sells or has sold, its products or services, or any other information concerning the
business of the Employer, its manner of operation, its plans, processes, or other
data without regard to whether all of the foregoing matters will be deemed
confidential, material, or important, the parties hereto stipulating that as between
them, the same are important, material, and confidential and gravely affect the
effective and successful conduct of the business of the Employer, and the Employer's
good will and that any breach of the terms of this paragraph shall be a material
breach of this Agreement.

VI. It is further agreed between the parties that:

A. The services to be rendered by the Institute are of a unique and original character
entitling the Institute to acknowledgement of this contract by injunction or other relief
in a court of equity.

B. No waiver or modification of this Agreement or of any covenant, condition, or
limitation herein contained shall be valid unless in writing and duly executed by the
party to be charged therewith and no evidence of any proceeding, arbitration, or
litigation between the parties hereto arising out of or affecting this Agreement, or
the rights or obligations of the parties hereunder, unless such waiver or
modification is in writing, duly executed a aforesaid, and the parties further agree
that the provisions of this Section may not be waived except as herein set forth.

C. Both parties have read the above conditions and agree to the terms contained
herein in good faith.

Employer’s initial Instructor’s initial

The Employer

Signed on 2005


Principal of KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute

The Instructor

Signed on 2005


Instructor of KID'S COLLEGE Suji Language Institute

Housing Contract
This agreement between KID'S COLLEGE and is concerned with housing for teachers employed by KID'S COLLEGE. KID'S COLLEGE does not require that its teachers live in this housing. Teachers who choose to provide their own accommodations will be given a 300,000 won monthly housing allowance. Teachers choosing to live in housing provided by KID'S COLLEGE will be required to leave a 400,000 won deposit with KID'S COLLEGE to cover any damage to the apartment or unpaid bills left by the teacher when the apartment is vacated. The teacher will be required to pay the full amount of this deposit within the first 2 months of employment.

The apartment will be shared with another Instructor. The apartment must be kept clean and the appliances maintained in good working order. Instructors should report malfunctioning appliances or apartment damage to their supervisor as soon as possible. The apartment will be furnished with following: bed, cooking stove, refrigerator, hot & cold running water for bathing, a western style toilet, television, VCR, and washing machine. (Meals, utilities, telephone and incidental expenses are the sole responsibility of the Instructor) The Instructor shall be responsible for costs resulting from willful damage or neglect of said furniture and appliances as provided by Employer.

If, for any reason, the Instructor ceases to be employed by KID'S COLLEGE, the Instructor will be given 24 hours in which to vacate the apartment. The Instructor must set up an appointment with the manager of teachers to inspect the apartment prior to moving out, in order to establish the condition of the apartment. The information from this inspection will be used when calculating the amount of the housing deposit to be returned to the teacher. If the apartment requires cleaning or repair, these costs will be deducted from the teacher's deposit. In addition, an Instructor may break the Housing Contract with one months' notice, but will remain responsible for ½ of basic utilities until their old room is occupied by a new arrival - however long the duration of this period.

The procedure for returning the deposit to the teacher at the end of his or her housing contract will be as follows:
An average of the last three months total utility bills will be calculated. This amount will then be increased by 50 percent. If there is no damage to the apartment or its appliances, (as determined by the exit inspection) this amount will be held for payment of bills, the balance of the deposit will be returned to the teacher with his or her final pay cheque. After all of the bills for the apartment have been received (usually, 2 or 3 months) any remaining money will be wired to the Instructor's bank account.

Instructor's bank account #:
Barring changes in the employment status of the teacher, this contract confirms that housing will be provided from to
Signed (Employer) Date Signed (Instructor) Date


At June 23, 2005 1:43 a.m. , Blogger Blake said...

I cruised over this quickly. At first glace, it looks pretty good. Maybe I want to work there!

At June 23, 2005 8:26 a.m. , Blogger Margie said...

Congratulations to YOU!!!!!! How excited and scared you must be all at once. I think I've told you this in the past... but I'll repeat it so I can perhaps offer you a little comfort. My brother is an english teacher in Fukuoka Japan and when he was leaving (in August of 1997) he was pretty nervous about having signed a year long contract. He's still there, married to a Japanese sweetie, and had all of those nasty student loans paid back in no time. You'll be fine, and I for one will look forward to reading about your adventures.

At June 23, 2005 6:32 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Blake - go for it! Or wait until you see if I'm suffering in misery before making any rash decisions.

Thanks Margie! I don't know if your brother's story makes me feel more or less nervous about the whole thing! One year is very soothing compared to eight!!! :)


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