Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Parents in Seoul

Yesterday we took the Seoul City Bus Tour and it was really great! I would recommend it to anyone who only has a little bit of time in Seoul, or even any of you old timers just for kicks.

We got on in Itaewon but you can get on anywhere. The cost is 10,000 won. There are 27 stops throughout downtown Seoul that I would list if I wasn't so lazy. All the major places plus some not so major ones too. It really makes a difference to see all these places above ground instead of just popping up from the subway each time. You can jump on and off at any stop - the bus comes every thirty minutes. Wow, what a deal! Do it, do it now!

We got off at Myeongdong, Namsangol Traditional Korean Village, Dongdaemun Market, Insadong, and Namdaemun. I wanted to take them to Gyeongbokgung but they were too tired.

In the evening we went to this crazy duck restaurant where we ate lots of crazy amounts of duck. My parents were given forks by the onni. They were skeptical and not quite sure whether it was good but nevertheless enjoyed the "experience".

Today I'm bringing my mom with me to school to check out the kids and the things. Then I have the afternoon off. What shall we do? I'm not quite sure.


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