Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A dream about honey

In other Nyquil inspired news, last night's dream had me at my highschool in some kind of graduation ceremony watching my peers walk across the stage. The boys were accepting their diplomas buck naked and one in particular doused himself with honey and proceeded to shake, consequently splattering the crowd (and me). I think he was purposely honifying me. This one's anybody's guess. Is nudity and honey a standard dream too?

I bought a book today called "Ugly Koreans, Ugly Americans" that points out the cultural differences of the two groups. The book is divided in two: strange Korean practices that Americans don't understand and strange American practices that Koreans don't understand.

Some examples:

Common Korean Behaviours
- Bump into others in a crowd
- Sniffle continually instead of blowing their noses
- Men clean their ears in public
- Spit in public
- Stare at foreigners and talk about them in their presence
- Pat a young child on the behind (they didn't mention on the front...)
- Wear clothes imprinted with bizarre English words or phrases
- Make invitations of important announcements at the last minute
- Use scissors to cut meat and vegetables
- Place a roll of toilet paper on the desk in an office

Common American Behaviours
- Steal a child's nose in fun and then "show it to him" (this is apparently a hand gesture equivalent to the middle finger).
- Smoke in front of elders
-Look upon all Asians as being from the same race
- Are too sensitive about people cutting in line
- Adolescent girls wear makeup
- Middle aged and elderly persons wear "youthful" styles or loud colors
- Don't stand up when a superior enters the office
- strictly separate work time and private time
- Stick their silverware straight up in a bowl of rice during a meal
- Don't pour drinks for anyone else
- Don't offer to share foods.
- Brag about themselves
- Used loud voices, big gestures, and exaggerated facial expressions
- Send their elderly parents to a nursing home
- Think they are the best simply because they are from the United States.

Why'd I buy this book? It's nothing I didn't know already.

I think I'm feeling better so tonight should be a Nyquil and therefore dreamless slumber.


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