Monday, January 23, 2006

Just about done

It's later than I like to be awake, generally, on a 'school' night but I've been reminding myself what it feels like to stay awake because of an essay. Man, why am I applying voluntarily for this again?

The long and the short of it, though, is that the DHL man is coming tomorrow afternoon whether I like it or not and away I will send my grad school applications. A medium sized load will be lifted off my shoulders and I will suffer silently for the next two and a half months, fully expecting that I will not be accepted. I really don't feel like I'll be accepted, and I don't like that feeling.

Did I self-sabotage this application? I sometimes have the bad habit of submitting less than my best work for no particular reason. Well, I guess the reason is laziness, or a lame-o attempt at providing an excuse in the case that I do indeed fail. I hope I didn't do that this time, but I can admit that I didn't get as much help as I probably should have. I didn't have enough editors, or advice from people in the know. We'll see if I can get in on my own.

Today I sent a hurried email to my parents begging for help. I need a money order sent to Western by next Wednesday and, lo and behold, the Hana Bank in Suji does not do money orders. Traveller's cheques? That just won't suffice. Thanks mom and pop.

Tomorrow morning I must stop by the post office for envelopes, re-read and print my statements one last time, and I guess that's just about it. I hope that's just about it. If a school's application process, website and technological involvement are any indication of the quality of its education, I'm staying far away from Carleton University. Unless it's the only school that'll take me.

I'm going to China in five days, five days, alright! My passport with its shiny new Chinese visa (I only travel to decorate my passport) and plane ticket SHOULD be arriving at the office in time.

I feel like I need a lot of finger-crossing these days.


At April 03, 2006 5:03 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Guess what? You got in everywhere. How crazy that is.


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