Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If life hands you a lemon

You know all those stupid highschool graduate quotes that tell you to dance like nobody's watching and live each day as if it's your last? Of course you do.

I'm living out a stupid quote and it feels fabulous. And no, I don't dance like nobody's watching despite what some might argue.

I have been living in Korea as if this is my only time in Asia and maybe even my last year ever. And as I start counting months left to go instead of months behind me, I find that urge to' do' gets even stronger.

I never really felt that urge at home. I've seen relatively little of Canada and the States despite the proximity of many interesting places, and the many long weekends that come my way. I should get on that.

Sure I'm living in a bit of dream world with no responsibility and lots of disposable income. Hopefully I can keep up the dream.

In Egypt I saw a family of four, the children as young as maybe eight, each toting their own backpack and dusty sandals. In Thailand I saw young couples with backpacks strapped to their backs and babies strapped to their fronts. I met a couple in their fifties who were traveling throughout Thailand for over a month. I met an Australian single mother with her teenage son and daughter, trying to expose them to the world after saving up for years. After this dream world ends I plan to continue fitting traveling in, regardless of and including my new responsibilities, whatever they may be.

Grad school applications are due in two weeks. I must DHL 'em by next week today at the latest. Guess I can put off finishing them until the weekend... Still not feeling positive. What about teaching English in Paris for a year?


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