Thursday, December 08, 2005

Everything's a mess

That's an overly dramatic title because everything is not a mess; just every place that I spend my time.

My apartment, my kitchen sink, my bathroom, my desk at work, my classroom. I can't keep things clean. And it's not like I don't try. I don't like the mess and I often.. okay, well sometimes... make the effort to clean it up. But it comes back in less than a day.

Right now I have more clothes on the floor than on my shelves, more dishes in the sink than in my cupboards, and more hair in my drain that on my head. Ha ha. I probably have ten thousand won worth of coins scattering my floor and counter tops. Socks, random papers and belts and cups and books, shoes, towels. Argh.

But there's nothing I can do except learn to embrace and love my sty. Embrace it and love it. I love you, sty.

Oh, looks like Tommy Lee is registering for university in Nebraska. Gotta run.


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