Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Outback Bathroom Incident - unabridged

Bathrooms here in Korea are definitely worth mentioning, though I'm lucky enough to have thus far avoided any of the traditional squat toilets. I don't think people flush their toilet paper down so it often smells a little rank and I don't know how much people wash their hands so soap is sometimes hard to come by.

Last week I chuckled over a 'privacy unit' mounted on a public bathroom stall. When you press a button the unit produced a loud flushing sound so that if you let a noise or two slip nobody would be the wiser. But what is that strange, loud flushing coming from the other stall? Hmmm..

Yesterday we went to Outback to get a taste of home (AKA clogged artery inducing grease). After eating a fair share of cheesey bacon fries and fried calamari I had to take off for the bathroom. Shelly also went. Inside the stalls was not only a 'privacy' unit but a whole elaborate machine with many colourful buttons and knobs, none of which we could fully understand. We giggled about them and Shelly pushed something to the left, causing liquid to spray her in the foot. Why would anyone need to clean off their foot while sitting on the toilet? Maybe it was a foot washer? I don't know.

When I finished up I was standing in my stall pressing buttons like a kid on an elevator. The one with a picture of spray produced a scent. How lovely. The one with the picture of a sprinkler... well, can you guess what it did? Apparently I'm lacking forsight. I got a shot of water straight out of a spout in the toilet, directed right at my stomach. And it wasn't just a single shot. It continued at full force until I could reach the button again.

I hadn't laughed so hard since the taxi cab ride the night before. My shirt was soaked.

I'm just glad I had already flushed.


At July 24, 2005 11:48 p.m. , Blogger TickToo said...

Jess! I'm astonished... you're supposed to photograph everything for us. Yes, even in the washrooms. I don't care what they tell you... get back there with your camera, right now missy.

At July 25, 2005 4:06 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

You know, I actually took a picture of the first one that I saw but the flash messed it up so it got deleted. I'm on the lookout for you though, Rick!

Oh, in other news, there's a Popeyes in Suji!

At July 25, 2005 10:47 a.m. , Blogger Margie said...

LMAO!! When my parents recently visited my brother in Japan, my Dad was so confused by the toilet that he had to have my brother go in and give him a tutorial in each new situation..... funny how something that is taken for granted here is so different in other places


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