Sunday, August 13, 2006

At a loss for a title

Yesterday morning we left our over-priced/not-so-nice bungalow on Sairee Beach and started the hunt for a cheaper one. We didn't realize it would really be a hunt. We looked from 9 o'clock until 12:00, even moving to a quiter beach on the South side of the island before giving up and sitting down to breakfast/lunch. Everything was full!!! (I am providing some photos for you anxious people out there!)

We were making plans on catching the 3 o'clock ferry to Koh Pha Ngan (something we didn't want to do so soon after only one night on Koh Tao) when Wendy went to ask the guy at the desk some question or other. He offered her a fancy shmancy room for 3000 baht with the promise of a 400 baht room the following day. She said 2000. He agreed.

This 2000 baht room (equivalent to approx. 53 CAD) was the most beautiful place I've ever stayed in my life! It reminded me of the reward challenge rewards on Survivor and it lifted our spirits in the same way.

Picture this: A bungalow directly on the white sands of a crystal blue bay lined with curvy boulders on either side. Immediately upon entry there is a small private swimming pool, a coffee table and chairs, and two lounge chairs facing the water(s). A few steps into the open-faced bungalow is a wicker couch with soft cushions before a big screen TV equipped with satellite and DVD player. (Having a TV is luxury, believe you me.) There is a small pond next to this entertainment area and lovely deocrations and lighting throughout. Through a set of French/Thai/Carribean style doors is a king size bed draped in Thai silk and clean, fresh-smelling sheets. A mosquito net hangs exotically above.

Here I am standing on our front porch. There is our private pool before me and the ocean behind me. Wendy is taking the picture from a lovely lounge chair. Ahh.

Then we have the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom! It is so beautiful! The bathroom, off the enclosed bedroom area, is all made from stone with a large sink, a flushable toilet, and an open-to-the sun and stars shower. You know the kind of shower with a wide circular head that you'd picture on Gilligan's island or something. The pressure was strong and the fresh air on my skin was incredible.

Here is our living room. Note the pond in the back. What can one do with a pond? Who knows but it's much appreciated.

We couldn't believe our good fortune. That kind of room would probably go for 2000 dollars at home. Ay ya yaiy.

So we're still in Koh Tao, sorry to have said goodbye to our suite but satisfied with the time we spent reading, lounging while looking at the ocean, and watching MTV with the waves crashing just outside our open front bungalow.

Here are some semi-old pictures for you to enjoy.

I am standing in the mountains which I climbed in Pai. I was really tired.

Here I am along the road in Pai, taking an early morning walk and loving the beauty.

We're going to take it easy in Koh Tao until we get bored. One week until I'm home!!! I can't believe it and am very excited about heading home and seeing my dogs (oh, and my family and friends too, bien sur.)


At August 13, 2006 10:14 p.m. , Blogger Kiran said...

2000 baht!!! 2000 baht!!!
i think the most expensive place i stayed at was 300 baht and i usually stayed for about 100 baht a night...but that was split with me and a few cockroaches and 'squitos...

it looks gorgeous though...enjoy!

At August 14, 2006 12:10 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

We don't know how to rough it no matter how hard we try. Then again, I'm loaded after Korea and not planning on traveling all over the globe... immediately.

Maybe I went to that beautiful beach yesterday on my snorkeling trip. I think so. It was lovely indeed. Now it's raining on Koh Tao and we're eating smoked salmon in a cafe that really should be in Canada and not here.


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