Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We didn't die in Pai

Nothing has been going right for us!!!

Yesterday we went to the hot springs and they were really neat. They were steaming hot - the hottest ones were 80 degrees celcius and we boiled eggs for half an hour. They were runny and unedible but our moto taxis were waiting. The scenery along the ride to and from the springs was so stunning. I can't even believe it.

When we got back to Pai we went to check in on Thom's Elephant camp where we had made a booking in the morning to go on an elephant ride that afternoon. They didn't take our names in the morning. "Do you want our names?" I asked. They didn't. When we got back to them in the afternoon they had no room for us. I hate that bullshit.

We ate a big lunch and relaxed.

Later that night we were lamenting how we never met anyone and then met three pretty cool Israelis and shared a nice international Jew moment, singing songs we all know and talking about commonalities and differences. This place is teaming with Israelis and they have a terrible traveling reputation.

We were checking in repeatedly with a rafting company hoping more people would sign up so we could go rafting. All we needed was ONE more person to sign up. But nada. Not even at other agencies in the city. Blasted.

Instead we booked a one day trekking trip which we just got back from now. We nearly died climbing up a mountain for two hours but we made it and walked through corn fields, rice fields, streams, bush, and other loveliness. It was fantastic. Then we rode home through the mountains with the sun setting behind them. In the back of a pickup truck. No benches even.

Tomorrow morning we're heading back to Chiang Mai to catch a 2:30 flight to Bangkok and then an evening flight to Samui. Hopefully we can find a place to sleep considering the full moon party is tomorrow as well.

Don't worry Maurice, Wendy's A OK! :)


At August 10, 2006 3:23 a.m. , Anonymous Tara said...

That's all fine and great but post some pictures already! (jk)
Miss you. Hope you enjoy your last few days in paradise.
If you're like a lot of other foreigners, you'll probably crave Thailand once you get back to Canada (and maybe even Korea but that is a whole lot less likely).
Mai Pen Rai.
"Tara Teacher"

At August 13, 2006 5:54 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Miss you too! Hope all's well in Korea. Whenever I meet a Korean person I make sure to give them a hearty "kimbap hana chuseyo!!!" just to maintain my vocabulary. Mwa ha ha.

Peace in the East.

At August 15, 2006 7:14 a.m. , Anonymous tara said...

Of all the phrases you could choose... kim bap? Whatever happened to a good hearty, "Annyong Haseo"?


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