Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The plan

Maybe we won't have to go somewhere else after all. After a day spent relaxing and swimming on Karon beach we've come to terms with the tourism and are ready to embrace it. Not the sex industry, of course, but the touristy daily activities. Since daytime activities are more important to us that nighttime drinking, etc. we are sticking it out in Phuket. And we have plenty of activities to do.

Today: Snorkeling around the Southern Phi Phi islands, one of which they boast as being where Leo's "The Beach" was filmed. I hope its even half as beautiful as the Blue Hole was in Sinai, but I wonder if that's even possible.

Tomorrow: Kayaking around some other beaches to the East of Phuket island.

Saturday: Elephant trekking through the trees. I love elephants. And trees.

I also have a surprise from yesterday but I won't write about it until I can post accompanying pictures.

Still itchy, but less fresh bites tonight!


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