Thursday, January 03, 2008

Setting the scene

It was winter 2002. Scratch that. It was the beginning of spring 2002. And I was at Talisman Resort with Matt who was competing in a series of ski competitions. This was the last one which involved I THINK the half pipe but who can really be sure.

I was skiing down a smooth and creamy run when suddenly my right ski caught something, pulling my leg out and back. I crumpled. I heard a pop but didn't know what that meant. Fuck. A snowboarder cruising by stopped and asked me if I was okay. "I don't think so," I said shakily. Unsure of what to do, I sat for a moment riding out the pain, then carefully stood up. I could see Matt at the bottom of the hill walking as quickly as he could in those cumbersome ski boots up to meet me. Together I hobbled to the bottom of the pipe, my knee slipping left and right on the way, where I sat for the rest of the afternoon.

I forget whether he came first or second in the series.

Returning home, I endured a hospital visit, months of limping and discomfort, a few doctors visits and finally an MRI, with diagnoses ranging from nothing serious to fully torn Anterior Cruiate Ligament to partially torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The latter is what seemed to stick, and for the last six years I've been pretty much unawares of my knee or any injury I had sustained.

This spring I stared playing ultimate frisbee. I love it! It's great. In June I sprained my ankle. I hate it. It's bad. I now wear a brace. Two weeks ago my knee went one way when I went another and I suddenly remembered my ACL injury of yesteryear.

It hurt far less and the limping ceased after only days, but clearly somethig is askew.

A trip to the sport's medicine doctor today has left me with a likely fully torn ACL diagnosis and an MRI appointment. Plus physio for which I have no coverage. Plus my having to back out of two ultimate league teams I was due to start up next week.

It also leaves me something to blog about. Finally.


At January 05, 2008 6:02 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...


It would be good if these things went away forever, but they don't. I had a sinus operation ages ago, which I mostly don't think about -- except when it gets really cold. Then, I can even remember the smell of the gauze.

Get well soon -- or at least meet a kind handsome male nurse.


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